The Beach at Myrtle Beach State Park, SC
sunrise on the beach
Myrtle Beach State Park
A natural setting on the Grand Strand

The Beach

As much as there is to do in Myrtle Beach, it is almost funny that the beach can almost be overshadowed by being busy with so many other things. Staying on the commercial center of the Grand Strand in a hotel can be exhausting! Visting Myrtle Beach State Park means the theme parks, shows, and shopping can all be left behind to enjoy some relaxing time on the beach. There is a mile of beach and although it is part of the Grand Strand, it is quite unlike what you will find a bit farther north. The beach is beautiful and is typically not as crowded as it is along the hotel lined beach.

Beach Access and Amenities

the beach as seen from the dunesThe park beach is roughly divided in half by the fishing pier. The two halves of the beach are a bit different. The northern section is backed by some dunes but there is also a small boardwalk, a parking lot, picnic facilities, a playground, restrooms, and some improved areas that are found at the back of the beach. The numerous picnic pavilions (available for group use for a fee) are a great place to have a nice gathering with family, friends or workmates. You can enjoy a nice shaded area, and grill a nice meal, while easily passing back and forth from the picnic area and the beach.

The beach and parking areas are connected by boardwalks and established footpaths. Walking on the dunes is harmful to the fragile dune an outdoor shower along a boardwalk leading to the beachhabitats so do use the paths. Many of these walkways have an outdoor shower where you can rinse off sand and salt water.

The southern section of the beach is not backed by as many amenities. There is a place to park and restrooms but this section of the park has much more natural habitat. This is even evident in the size and extent of the dune field that separates the beach from the parking area. Beyond the parking area is a rare natural maritime forest. There are a few hiking trails that enter the forest here, which can offer a shady respite from the heat of day and the more open areas of the park.

Surf Fishing

evening in myrtle beach state parkYou are allowed to fish from the beach along the shores of Myrtle Beach State Park. The only time it is not allowed is if the beach becomes crowded with swimmers and sunbathers. Take a look at the information about the fishing pier to learn more about the fish species that frequent the nearshore ocean waters of the Grand Strand region.

Enjoy visiting the beach and hopefully you will not miss seeing a line of high rise motels behind you as you enjoy the Grand Strand's most famous attraction.


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