Hiking in Myrtle Beach State Park, SC
sunrise on the beach
Myrtle Beach State Park
A natural setting on the Grand Strand

Myrtle Beach Hiking Trails

Much of the Grand Strand is developed land and there remains little natural coastal habitat in this part of South Carolina. Myrtle Beach State Park preserves a large block of natural maritime forest. The trees here include oaks, wax myrtles, hollies, poplars, and magnolias. With the interpretive trails that go through the forest and the natural history programs that take place in the park, you can enjoy and learn about some of the plants and animals found here. Each of the trails are flat, easy to negotiate and are not that long. Both have interpretive signs that point out certain tree species and also convey some basic biology.

trail through the maritime forestIf you would like to take a walk but do not want to go through the forest, you could also walk along the boardwalk, up and down the pier, and around the numerous walkways that are around the parking areas and picnic sites.

The Yaupon Nature Trail

4/10 ths of a mile, one way

This trail runs into the Sculptured Oak Nature Trail hence it can be accessed from two points. Each trail has a trailhead in the south side beach parking lot. To begin your walk at the southern end of the trail you can begin at the far southern end of the parking lot. The trail begins right to the side of the bathroom building found there. Once you have traversed about a half mile into the trail, you will come to a few forks. The first is an option to go east on the Sculptured Oak trail. This will lead you back to the Yaupon Trail trailhead signthe beach parking lot. If you continue on the left hand trail (you are now on the other trail) you will then come to another fork, with the left option taking you to a wetland that borders the Myrtle Beach State Park entrance road. The right option will take you to the main park road, just east of the park office and across from the activity center.

The Sculptured Oak Nature Trail

1/2 mile, one way

This trail can be accessed from the main park road, just across from the activity center, or from the south side beach parking lot. The trailhead from the beach parking lot is easily found as it is adjacent to a restroom facility. The trail passes through, and offers the same options, as you will encounter on the Yaupon Trail (see the description above to learn more).

the boardwalk at the back of the north park beach

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